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We are pleased to introduce MTI Textile Services Pakistan, a fastest growing trading organization. MTI Textile is mainly involved into exporting and distribution of various types of textiles raw materials like Fiber, Yarns and Fabric. To facilitate our business, we provide our best service to our customers all over the world.
The company has strategic alliances with many good manufact...urers in Pakistan, India & Far Eastern countries like China, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam & Philippines. All our factories / associated factories are with latest production facility and hence MTI Textile is committed to ship International Standards Guaranteed Quality.

We have our presence in North America (USA & Canada), Europe (U.K., Spain, Portugal & Italy), South America (Chile, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Mexico & Guatemala), Middle East (Egypt & Turkey), and Africa (Tunisia, South Africa, Kenya & Ethiopia). 


We have established ourselves as reliable business partners and our growth has been driven by our strong credentials in global market.
• 100% Cotton Yarns of various counts ranging from Ne 20 to Ne 40 Single and Double, Open End, Carded, Combed, Waxed and Un-waxed. Also cotton slub yarns
• Polyester Filament Yarn ( PFDY, POY, PDTY in SD RW, FD, Dope Dyed and Colours )
• Viscose Filament Yarns (Rayon)
• Nylon 6 and Nylon 66 – POY, DTY & FDY
• Polyester / Cotton Blended Yarn
• Polyester / Viscose Blended Yarn
• Viscose / Cotton Blended Yarn
• Polyester 100% Ring Spun, MVS and MJS Yarn
• Viscose 100% Ring Spun, OE, MVS and MJS Yarn
• Spandex Yarn
• Speciality Yarns : Slub, Melange, Core Spun etc.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at anytime.
We look forward for your association with us.


We are traders & sourcing agents from Pakistan. We dealing in Polyester POY, DTY & FDY in RW & doped dyed yarns, we are also dealing in 100% Polyester Spun Yarn, Viscose,Rayon and 100% Cotton & blended too from  Pakistan, Indonesia, India & China. Our buyers are mostly in Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Brazil, USA & Europe.

MTI Textile Services Pakistan